Jan 11, 2009

Details, details

Now that the new year has kicked in, our crew has been making progress daily with a bunch of smaller details.
But first, when our guys show up around 8 am, each day starts with the morning ritual desayuno cómico (breakfast comedy). They gather in a circle and bring out their food, and talk and laugh. I think it is a great way to get the day going. It is common knowledge that this indigenous population is warm and friendly, and easily given to laughter.
Then they amble over and carry on with the long list of finishing touches. The stucco is almost complete, and Susan and I put on a coat of sealer in the bodega. It is a milky white solution, not very opaque, and looks like a very bad coat of paint.

My oddly designed windows turned out to be a bit of a challenge getting the glass blocks to sit in balanced rows. I had purchased a bag of plastic spacers. I brought them out and as we all looked them over, it became apparent that my windows with the glass blocks all offsetting on the previous row would not work with the square corner spacers. So it was back to the basic methods of setting each row slowly, one block at a time, using pencil lines and two levels, adding the white cement, then adding some more, tapping the block this way and that, until each was in the desired position. It seemed to take a while, but the final result is very good.
I finalized the drawing of our kitchen. The meseta (little table/ counter) is also made of a concrete slab hung along the wall and supported at the ends by concrete blocks. I illustrated my basic idea with a few stacks of blocks and some construction boards. That is Susan feeling out the new space.

Tonight as the day faded, I took this pic of the front windows - a couple of eyes looking out on the world.


Rum Runner said...

hey, i wrote the other day that we were arriving on Monday. I will look for your place. I am interested in maybe building a house and finding out costs, etc.

Glen and Susan - said...

Sure, if you are here in PaaMul, drop by for a hello, and a tour.
This reply is late, haven't been on line this week.