Apr 7, 2012

Casita 179

Our season of 2011/12 in Paamul is over and the tools are put away. So what has this winter been about?
Here a little tour of our new casita that replaced the trailer in our palapa.

Looking at the front exterior, the building on the right half is where the trailer used to sit. The landscaping is incomplete as we are planning to add a cactus garden.

The view from inside the palapa -- the casita is now integrated into the design and colours of our palapa. It is essentially the footprint of the trailer that was there before with a living area, a bedroom and a 1/2 bath.  This winter has been very warm and humid, and we enjoyed the cool dry air conditioned space in the casita.

The living room is not finished with some decorating and cabinets and coffee table still in development.
There is also a desk and tall shelf next to where I am standing - my designated “messy area”

The bedroom with my cabinetry. Susan’s wardrobe is to my left and my closet is on my right.

The bathroom with varnished counter and onyx sink.

A Post in Every Room
Each of the interior rooms includes one of the big Zapote posts that hold up the palapa. I find them beautiful and reassuring in their strength.