Jan 26, 2009


The final stage in the tiling floors and walls and counters, is the boquilla (grout). Once again there are several places to shop, with different brands, and colours - but not very many.
We had a range of ideas of what would look best in the different rooms, counters and walls. We ended up buying a couple bags, about $7/ea., to try out and again we had help from our neighbors who had some left over grout.
I set out a work table with mixing cups and remnants of tiles and made some samples. One choice was easy Mostaza (mustard) looked best for the bathroom walls and counter, holding the yellow, red and blue tiles together.
For the main floor tiles, we were hoping to introduce some green, but nothing we tried looked right. We tries some red, but again, no. I mixed this red with various proportions of green to make browns and this looked better. So I was dispatched into town to bring home something that was between “this and that”. I found Caoba (mahogany) that hit the mark, and just in time as it went on that day.
For the kitchen counter, I was back to my mixing board and came up with an olive that was 1 part green with 2 parts mustard.
We think it turned out well, but I think that is part relief because another stage of construction, another mess is over.

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