Mar 11, 2009

I touched a monkey...

... last night, and I liked it!
I was musing with Susan and Juliet, that I had never touched a monkey. That evening we went into town and I met my first. Lolita, a white-tufted-ear marmoset dutifully posed for three photos and earned 100 pesos for her handler.
So small, so fragile, sooo cute!

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Living said...

Hi there:
Have enjoyed following your palapa project. Looking forward to coming down and checking it out sometime in next couple of years. Must be just about time for you to be heading north again though this year.

We've spent the winter at home this year. Steve's been reno'ing the house and I've been doing time at Fraser Health to pay for it:) Plan to be road tripping through South American NEXT winter. In the meantime we'll be heading out in the van when it warms up in another month or two. For now, we are still getting rogue snowstorms :(
Ciao for now,
Carolyn and Steve