Nov 2, 2009

Everything AND the kitchen sink (taps).

(This was written a couple of days ago as we stopped in San Miguel de Allende, but I didn’t get on line to post it.)
This trip has been unique for all the stuff we have packed along. Our palapa life is still a work in progress, so we spent time during the summer, collecting stuff to bring down. The Yucatan of Mexico had a lot of home furnishing shops but nothing to compare with the goods available in our weekly Canadian Tire flier. Irresistible deals each week, and we kept stocking up -- tools, kitchen appliances and new taps, a dehumidifier, fans, a compressor, weed whipper, lighting, and most recently, Christmas decor.
About midsummer, patio chairs came on sale at a local shopping centre, and we bought a set (non-folding) that I would have to figure out how to pack. I managed to build a little platform on our rear bumper and bound them on.
We were also on the lookout for a good table. At our Guelph recycle depot, we found a solid oak pedestal leaf table, similar to the one we had and sold 3 years ago when we cleared out our house. As solid wood, it should handle the Caribbean humidity, and it was built to be to disassembled. In its various parts it was stored about the trailer, mainly in the rear storage box, where the 2 satellite dishes used to ride. And those big dishes? They took up residence in our soon-to-be hot tub, which is riding on our couch. (What? A hot tub? More on this later.)
In Texas, we toured the discount outlets for bedding and pillows for a new folding guest bed.
We are driving down through Mexico this fall with fellow Canadians and palapa neighbors, Dale & Sue Urquhart. Here in San Miguel de Allende, we have gone out together to scour the artisan shops for Mexican style decor, lighting and ceramics.
Our trailer is stuffed -- three more days and we can begin to unload.

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After all that downsizing you go again :) I guess it is human nature to nest.
Carolyn U