Jan 3, 2010

Some like it Hot.

What makes perfect winter weather? This past week and the beginning of this new year the days and nights have been great. The days drift into the low 80’s (27+C) and the nights dip into the high 60’s (20C). We have been sleeping in the loft and with a light breeze, it is like sleeping on a cloud. This morning it was 68F and it felt cool. I remember when 68 / 20C was promoted as an ideal room temp. Not warm enough for me.
Yeah, temperature is quite subjective, but very real.
I grew up on a small farm on the Canadian prairies. Up to my teenage years, in the winter we got to town with horses. Even when snowplows cleared the roads, and block heaters helped get the cars running, winter existence was dealing with the cold. Though I came from hardy nordic stock on both sides of my family, I have often wondered what happened to me. I have never liked the cold.
A couple of years ago, I was speculating with Susan about our future and how we might find somewhere nice to settle, like in a winterized cabin on a lake in Southern Ontario. Near enough to a town for our essentials, etc. Susan’s response was clear. “I’m not living through winter in Canada.” Perfect answer. Now we live the winters in Mexico, how great.