Jan 18, 2010

Winter, here too...

In the two weeks since I wrote about perfect weather, the cold that has been drifting down the Atlantic coast reached us and settled in for a spell. We were in long pants and sweaters for days on end. When the sun was out, we went for walks, or moved our chairs out into the yard and absorbed the rays.
It was reassuring some to know that we were not alone in this, that we were not singled out for this chill.
From last week’s news:
“...travelers emerging from Miami airport were hit with 2.2C temperatures, beating an 82-year-old record on the 10th consecutive day of startling lows in South Florida.”
And in other parts of Mexico -
“The state-run National Meteorology Service (SMN) has forecast that temperatures would be as low as minus 8 degrees Celsius in the northern states of Durango and Chihuahua....Freezing weather has killed at least 22 people across the nation since last week, including deaths caused by hypothermia and gas poisoning.”

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