Feb 8, 2010

Measure twice, cut once...

I have chosen to build the doors for the cabinets and drawers. A bunch more work, but -- in for a penny...etc. 
It actually came down to style. We spent a morning touring several of our neighbors’ kitchens to get a few ideas and inspiration. Then I was reading out Ikea catalogue and realized that what we wanted was different to anything we had seen. So a few sketches and after more visits to our local lumber yards, I built a sample and we were off.
Once again learning on the go, especially about careful measuring, and accurate cutting. Measure twice, etc.
My little cordless circular saw did great service, but the key tools came borrowed from our handyman neighbors, Bob, Guy, Dale and Don. It could not have happened without their contributions of clamps and straight edges, sanders and especially Guy’s new chop saw. Adding the thin strips of border each of the 23 doors could only happen by being able to cut the precise lengths on each of the strips of wood. Yay, chop saw.
Susan has been away for a week, in Ontario visiting the kids and new granddaughter. Most of the mess will be cleared up for her return tomorrow. We hope.

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