Mar 12, 2010

Vive Fiesta!

The Phil & Heidi Fiesta last Friday was a good example of this special winter community. To my mind Paamul is big enough and yet small enough.
Paamul is big enough to have all kinds of different activities, all kinds of subgroups. At the peak of winter, PM fills all of its 200 rv sites. There are the Paamulians of the North side of the park, and South side, the Beach fronters and the Jungle street folks. We mix it up on the beach, at the sports, walking our dogs. The restaurant is a popular meeting place, especially during the weekly or bi weekly karaoke nights. Most of the major holidays are observed with special menus and entertainment at the restaurant. There are several daily Happy Hour groups (and a weekly AA group).
I’ve previously mentioned the music and exercise groups. I hear tell about poker and other regular card games around. And yoga and bible study.
Then there are the divers. Paamul has a popular dive shop, with several dive masters and a loaded boat going out twice a day.

And PM is small enough for most of us to get together for special occasions.
The Thanksgiving potluck (US November dates) is held at our local church when it is a good time to meet our returning neighbors and friends.
The other mega-night is the Phil & Heidi Party, which recognizes their two birthdays and their wedding anniversary which all occur with a couple days in early March. P&H have been here for 12 years and have been involved in a lot of the goings on here. Heidi is a natural green thumb spreading her plants throughout the park. She also coordinates regular art shows. Phil is an unmistakable presence if not only because he is so tall, and vocal (loud) and old, but still playing horseshoes and volleyball. He is also the chief crab wrangler -- collecting and keeping the collection of hermit crabs run in the biweekly crab races.

The Phil & Heidi Party is a good time to celebrate the nearing end of the winter, maybe seeing some people for the last time.

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The story of.... said...

The two of you look quite dapper! I envy the fun you are having.