Apr 27, 2010

Saturday, April 23 - Minnie Driver rules!

Rain, and then torrential rain pelted us as we started out this morning. Today we needed to get out of Nashville, drive through Louisville, Cincinnati and Dayton before reaching our night stop.
In good weather, it takes all my concentration to keep up with the traffic, read the signs with their on-raps and off-ramps “This Lane Must Exit”, “This Lane Ends in 500 feet”, as well as construction lane closures and other surprises. That's where Minnie is so great. Set our destination, and she tell us, “In 1 kilometer / mile, keep left...” “In 1.2 miles turn right”, etc.
Okay, the name came from Susan’s brother Don, who named their GPS, Minnie Driver - so perfect we adopted it.
We’ve had a GPS since we started full-timing 4 years ago, and it has been a trusted servant ever since. (We tried to give the condescending schoolteacher woman’s voice a few other names, “Cecily”, and “Agnes” but they never fitted as well as Minnie.)
Today she was a star. Got us here safe and sound.

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