Oct 27, 2010

Notice to our West Coast friends & relatives

This summer we became official Guelphites or Guelphadelphians, or ... After a whole bunch of looking around (thanks to our patient agent, Ann) we bought a house in Guelph. We had been “home-free” for four years (if you don’t count our palapa in Mexico) and we we decided to invest in a place that would be there for us when we wanted a regular street address again.
So what is Guelph? And why?
Guelph is close to a perfect little city, about 120,000, with a big University, lots of small industry, robust farming lands all around, with rolling hills, rivers and lakes. It has one Walmart, one Home Depot and two Canadian Tire stores. I estimate if you drive through Guelph in any direction, it is about 6 Tim Hortons wide.
It is so gosh-darn pretty in the summer, and if we are able to carry on with our north/south scitzo life, we will be enjoying Southern Ontario summers (and avoiding winters) for years to come.

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