Oct 27, 2010

Snowbirds -- take off, eh?

It is snowbird season again, and we are on our way south.
The week we left it was near freezing, and so it was time to be saying our goodbyes to our family and wonderful friends in Ontario.

We stopped this trip for three nights in Austin, Tx. One morning, I noticed this Monarch butterfly on some flowers next to our trailer. It was also making its way south to Mexico for the winter season.
I haven’t been blogging all summer (after all this Palapa Life is a record of our winters in our “little grass shack”), but here are a few notes to fill in some space between last spring and now.


Dorgon said...

Glad to see that you are blogging again. I found your blog last winter and have been waiting for you resume your adventures. Even Guelph seems exotic to me. (I live in rural Alberta.) I have always wanted to do what you and your mate are doing but circumstance do not permit at this time. I look forward to your coming entries.

The story of.... said...

We've been anxiously awaiting your return to blogging! And we WILL meet you this time in November. Okay, I will. Dave already has. Hope to see you Nov. 13th at the restaurant for Mark Mulligan!