Nov 30, 2008

Why are we here...

Over the last several years of rv’ing in Mexico, I have sent out periodic newsletters, relating many of our experiences with some explanation why we like returning to Mexico.
And now we are committed even further, building our winter station here on the Caribbean coast.

For those who have not been to Mexico, I am sure you have many impressions from media reports and other second hand sources.
Some of you have traveled to a resort for an all-inclusive holiday, as we did about 20 years ago, or visited border towns near California, Arizona or Texas. For 8 years, my folks wintered in Yuma and when we visited them we would cross over for a couple of hours to San Luis or Algadones.
I would suggest thad neither of these types of visits gives a very real or positive impression of Mexico and Mexicans. “Hey mister, want to buy a .... good price”

Along the way, I have surfed the web for all kinds of relevant information and am always interested in other’s experiences. I have become a regular reader of a blog by Jonna, who is an rv’er with her partner Mimi, 3 dogs and a cat. They also have two homes that they have renovated - one in Akumal, a beach community about 12 kms south of here. The second is a newly renovated house in the city of Merida, a colonial city 3 hours drive from here. We have been interested in spending some time in Merida, but so far, have only passed by on our way here.

Recently Jonna wrote two postings detailing her reasons for traveling to and living in mexico. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Check them out at:


Jonna said...

Thank you Glen, for the nice words. We'll be up in Paamul for a visit when we get back over to the coast.

Christine Klinger said...

Glad for the link to Jonna's blog. I love it! If all goes well, we'll be coming to visit Merida pronto!