Dec 9, 2008

On this foundation we shall build...

This week the “plataforma” went in. What is it and what do we call it exactly? It runs the full length of the palapa on one side of the trailer and across the back, about two feet off the ground. Is it the patio, the deck, but it is still inside the palapa so what to distinguish it from the outside patio/deck? With the workers, we call it the “plataforma”
It starts with digging a trench all around the edges for a poured concrete base. Then three rows of cement block are added. This is filled with “relleño” (fill). The fill is thoroughly watered and tamped down.
At this point we mark out our sewer lines for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, and dig those in and cover them up. We also ran two culverts across the width, to carry water, electric and gas services from one side to the other. Once again, I enjoyed the help of my neighbors Bob and Dale.
After more tamping and leveling, the wire mesh is laid, forms are added around the perimeter, and then 3 to 4 inches of concrete is poured.

At the same time, the varnish crew moved through, spraying a clear marine lacquer on the underside of the grass roof, the poles and posts. So that is why the trailer is shrouded in tarpaulins.
While the crews were spraying, and pouring concrete, we tore ourselves away for an afternoon at the beach. Ahhhh...
At this point, some of the worst of living in a construction site is over. We no longer step out onto dirt. Time now it is time to mark out the walls for the outside rooms.

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Jonna said...

This is going to be sooo beautiful! I love watching the construction. Can't wait to stop by and see it in person.