Dec 22, 2008

Holiday Greetings

Christmas lights bring a bit of spirit wherever we are. There are a few pretty displays here in PaaMul. Our own little offering, is a multicolored chandelier looks over our entrance. I made several attempts to get a decent hand-held time exposure, yielding this one that looks a bit like musical notes.

We had our traditional Christmas carol sing here at the church in the park. There were at least 60 people there, singing along a cappella to all the favorite seasonal songs. I found myself sitting next to Bill and before long we were the bass section, adding our harmonies to the tunes. “Not bad for a Jewish guy”, said Bill, “lots of years in choruses.” Like riding a bicycle. Choral singing was one of Susan and my favorite things for many years in Vancouver, but the serious singing season is through the fall, winter and spring, and we have been on the go for the last many winters.

A dozen of the carolers were children. Kind of fun to have a bunch of kids living in the park. There is the family from Calgary with two high school girls, and two younger boys. The oldest, Keltie plays volleyball with us old-timers, her sister Sabie did too, until she gave it up to protect her hands. Sabie plays concert harp, and goes up to live for periods in Calgary for her music studies. Sabie played beautifully at the gathering, especially while we all sampled the homemade cookies.

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