Dec 27, 2008

A Tale of Two Turkeys

The Holidays found us feasting on turkeys. On the Eve, at out neighbors Bob & Dot where we joined some of their visiting family for a Mexican smoked turkey -- Mmmn, good. They had their stove newly hooked up, and were able to set out their table over the not-yet-tiled floor.
Then on the 25th we joined Merv & Doris with friends for another huge bird.
Somehow I managed to eat a lot but not too much, always a trick for me.
Doris had a beautiful ceramic Holiday tree with exquisite detail.
At our “house”, amidst all the shopping for our new palapa, we still put out our traditional stockings for a few fun things, candies and nuts. Pippin always gets one too, and is most curious about the possibilities within each. He scored some treats and a new favorite toy, a squeaky bunny that he wants to bring with him whenever he goes.

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