Dec 20, 2008

Welcome to The View

At the end of the upwards climb is the balcony. Up there, we are about 20 feet above ground, looking down on the world.
Our balcony is at the back and looks out north-westerly over the Yucatan jungle as far as the eye can see.

As we are on the third road back from the beach, our water view is limited. Palapas on the front have lovely water views, but also have to contend with the constant salt and sand that drifts in. The middle rows of palapas have only views of other palapas and people going by.

The whole Yucatan is quite flat, and thickly covered by greenery, so I guess for the Mayans who built their monumental pyramids many years ago, it was a way of getting above it all,(and closer to the Gods)
Even at our humble abode, climbing just those few stairs to the balcony, seems to lift us from the world - especially from the on-going construction below.

The balcony was built at the beginning, with the roof, accessible only by ladder.
The loft was added a bit later, still by ladder, then the stairs, and finally the varnishing.

The last photo is of sunrise this morning at 6 am.
Welcome to our view.

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