Dec 20, 2008

We’re climbing a stairway to..

More about our beautiful stairs.
They are now all done, fully sanded, and covered with two coats of spar varnish. It has been hard to let them stand there for two days as the varnish cured.
Susan has already requested the the stairs and loft are no-shoes zones. Ayee -- my feet are pretty grubby, no better than my sandals. Will it come to special slippers -- I hope not, as we often say, it is only a grass shack!

So here is a couple of pics starting with their origins as logs, and their resting place as our stairs to the loft and the 4 steps up to the balcony.

The loft looks so huge with nothing in it yet. This will be sleeping quarters for us and/or for guests. Our neighbors, Bob & Dot, have put two single beds and a futon couch /bed up on theirs as they have their daughter, hubby and two kids sleeping up on theirs.
Several PaaMulians who have trailers, regularly sleep in their lofts. The night air cools pleasantly each night, more so than in the trailer. The trailer seems to collect the heat of the day, from our cooking, boiling water for coffee and tea, the heat from our bodies and then release it back into the air through the wee hours.
I look forward to having a bed and a hammock up in the loft for afternoon naps and pleasant airy nights.


Kathy said...

You probably already know this, but you're going to want a mosquitero (mosquito net) and be aware that scorpions and snakes will live in your guano.

Anonymous said...

Gracias por compartir las fotos, ahora tengo una idea mas clara de que hacer en mi palapa.