Dec 16, 2008

What, No Socks?

I love socks. I love putting on a pair of clean cotton socks. For many years, I would usually wear at least two pair a day, starting the morning with a fresh pair, and if I have done some sweating during the day, I would put on a clean pair to play tennis in the afternoon, and of course a clean dry pair is great after tennis.
Each laundry would include a pile of my socks, and when I mated them up and carefully folded them, I would spend a moment looking at my full sock drawer. Who needs a lot of money, when you have a drawer full of socks.

Suddenly that has changed. Our last two laundry trips had just one pair of my socks.
I have gone native, wearing only my rubber sandals, just like the workers around our palapa. Somehow climbing around the rubble that is a construction site, is fine if you keep an eye on where you are stepping, and not relying on your shoes to be taking care of your feet.
Secondly, I have hardly gotten away for tennis, I’m having too much fun building our grass shack.

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