Oct 12, 2009

The frost is on the pumpkins.

Sorry, I have let ‘Palapa Life’ fall into a coma, dormant, hibernating, I guess. Summer has slipped by and finally I'm back.
This morning, there is frost, and we are anxious to return to our home on the beach.
Today’s forecast high for Guelph is 7C (44F) with lows this week under freezing with snow flurries expected in a few days. Checking the weather for the Mayan Riviera, this week it will be around 32C (90F) with lows around 25C (77F). Perfect! My apologies to my nordic and Saskatchewan forefathers. I never liked the cold -- never will.

We have been in Guelph, Ontario, enjoying these last five months, this thing called Summer of 2009, which was, hmnn... elusive.
This was our third summer in southern Ontario and while we are becoming fond of the place, the people, and the things to do, mother nature gave us the cold shoulder for much of it. There was a lot of rain, drizzles and overcast. We are parked at Guelph Lake Conservation Park which is large and green and tranquil. It has great hiking and biking trails and for Susan it is great swimming, except this year it was late getting warm enough, and this fall it got frigid weeks ago.
My tennis was often bothered by the wet, with many cancellations and postponements. However, I got a lot of play, social and competitive, and was able to contribute to our club’s winning in league play.

At last we are into final days.

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