Oct 13, 2009

A special Thanksgiving.

The highlight of our summer was the birth of our first grandchild.
Amelia Margaret Joy Armstrong arrived August 29.
Susan and I were delighted to be at the hospital to welcome her. The delivery went smoothly and quick, mother ReBecca and father Michael did well too. So for this month we have been in and out of Toronto visiting the little darling. She is doing what most newborns do, feeding and sleeping and fussing on her own schedule. And now, at 6 weeks, is smiling and gurgling. Yesterday we were all together along with our daughter Juliet and her husband Bill, for Thanksgiving dinner. It was just wonderful but sad too, as it will be spring before we see them all again.
Oh yes, here are the requisite baby pictures.


Monique said...

Hi! This is Monique from Cancun.

Congratulations for you´re new grand children! She is sooo quiut!
Yes it´s refreshing dow here (thank´s God) and raining too.
We´ve been thinking of you and are happy to have somme news. Hope to see you soon!

Rum Runner said...

Congratulations! My daughter had her first baby in September this year!