Nov 3, 2009

Back on the Beach.

When pulled in Saturday afternoon, the senior gate man, Sixto, greeted us with “Welcome home”. And home is what it feels like, seeing our many neighbours and friends who are part of this winter community.
We carefully backed our trailer in, and have been sorting and cleaning to restore the living conditions.
Our back yard garden thrived over the summer and will have to be trimmed back again. We are working slowly, as we are adjusting to the heat and humidity.
This morning is gloriously pleasant, air temp 81, as I’m sitting outside in a light breeze and Susan has gone for an early snorkel swim. The Caribbean water is a balmy 82.
Now back to my list of things to do.

1 comment:

RickNB said...

Hi glad to see you back on line and in the land of warmth.
We had our first snow today here in New Brunswick makes us want to be someplace further south.

Have a great winter and we are looking forward to your posts. We enjoyed last years building project very much.
Have Fun