Nov 6, 2009

Stormy weather...

In the next couple of days we will be here to experience first hand a named storm that is coming this way.
“Ida” started out a couple of days ago as a Tropical Depressions was up to a category 1 Hurricane, but it is now back to a Tropical Depression. After crossing parts of Nicaragua and Honduras, it is back out to sea, but still only with 35 mph winds and is projected to pass on the other side of Cozumel (Paamul in on the mainland opposite Cozumel) with 45 mph winds.
There are discussions here in camp, and our Paamul daily e-mail newsletter has distributed some information and advice for preparation. We will be bringing in our loose chairs, tables, and other outdoor items, probably tomorrow night. At this point, no one I have heard plans to evacuate.
Tonight, all is calm, perhaps the proverbial calm before the storm.
I’ll add more as it develops.


John Kobak said...

Hopefully you will just get a heavy wind and rain. I hope this is the last storm of the season.
We may stop by in January depending on how our trip is going.
Keelhauler John

Rum Runner said...

That is how I felt waiting for 'something to happen' with Ida.. the calm before the storm. I woke up on Sunday and it was so quiet I thought I was in the 'eye of the hurricane' or something.
How did you guys rate for loads of gravel on your road??

Glen and Susan - said...

Don't know how the gravel arrived -- it was like seeing Santa's sleigh. My neigbour Bob and I will probably spring for another.