Nov 10, 2009

Going down (Six Feet) again...

Several years ago we were visiting our kids, Michael and ReBecca, when they recommended a TV show. It just happened to be showing a review of the first several episodes that weekend and we had a look. We were immediately taken in by the family drama of the Fishers.
For five seasons, from 2001 to 2005, we became devoted to watching the HBO series, Six Feet Under. Even as we were traveling around, we made a point of being somewhere where we could put up our dish and catch the weekly episode. Without a doubt, one of the best dramas ever (yes, better than The Sopranos)
If you have been a fan, you know what I mean. If you want to have a look, the Movie Channel is rerunning the series every weeknight, (11pm eastern)
In this time zone, it airs at 10 pm, and has become my nightcap, replacing The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.
I am a fan of Jon and Stephen and have enjoyed their irony and wit. Lately though, much of their grist comes from the mess that is the US Health Reform debate and the rampant polarization in the American politicians and populous. Rationality has gone out the window, in favor of hateful diatribes. The humour is strained like the feeling you get when someone tells a really tasteless joke -- just not funny, but sad and embarrassing.
Back to Six Feet, you can catch up to the current story line at the the tv data base site
Wikipedia has an good summary of the show, where I found this quote, "Six Feet Under has frequently been described by critics as one of the greatest television series of all time. The series is noted for its exploration of mortality and death in western society."
We are currently in the middle of season two, so there is a lot of good story still to come.

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