Nov 19, 2009

The eyebrows have it.

7:30 pm, temp a perfect 76, with a slight breeze.
Had to set the scene this way, as it is just so fine sitting here out on the couch after another long and busy day.
We (our neighbours Bob and Dot) and us have had a crew here for about a week, adding what they call “an eyebrow” to the back of our palapas. Our rear was quite open to the back yard, and as this is angled towards the direction of the prevailing winds, any rain shower that came along, was blowing into our palapas. We were regularly pushing all the furniture, gathering up the pillows and stacking them away from the edge. Then sweeping out the rain puddles that settled inside.
Once again, we take inspiration from neighbours who have added this eyebrow to the back of theirs. Back up north, this would be built of wood and roofing, and be called an awning over the rear patio. (Around rv’s, awning mean the roll-down and roll up fabric contraptions on the side or the rv)
This addition is a section of typical palapa roofing -- poles, framework interleaved with grass. It runs side to side across the back, about 25 feet wide, and is about 12 feet deep.
While it cuts out some exposure to the sky, it provides a sense of enclosure, that makes the rear palapa living area more of a room.
I’m still not clear how to refer to being here on the green patio couch -- am I outside (outside the rv) or inside (inside the palapa living area). Now with the eyebrow, it feels more inside, and cozy.