Dec 14, 2009

Getting old together.

I turned 63 my last birthday. Pippin has just turned 9. So if we apply the commonly used multiplier of dog years = 7 human years, we are the same age. However, he is a shih tzu, and like many small breeds, may likely live many more years than typical big dogs.
Certainly he seems young, but is older and wiser too. We have finally gotten him to be a “home” dog. When we go out walking, he is not a natural heeler. Instead, he wants to explore in all directions. When we travel, we keep him on short or long leashes. This winter, we gave up on the leash and he is accepting his place sitting on the doormat and watching the world go by. He has developed quite a vocabulary for expressing his needs and I am happy to take him for walks when asks.
He also has specific words for, “its time to feed me”, “my water bowl is empty”, “can I come too?”, and when we do leave him and then return, we are greeted by a long chorus of, “where have you been and why were you gone so long?” followed by the best expression ever, mostly in body language, “I’m so glad to see you, and everything is wonderful!”
Yes, we are a little dotty. And everything reminds us of our dog. On the way into Playa a couple of days ago, I shot this cloud through the windshield. It IS the spirit of Pippin.

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