Dec 13, 2009

More converts.

We have just had our first guests of the season. Susan’s brother Rob and his wife Cheryl were here for 12 days. It was their first trip outside of Canada and the US. They went quite native in a short time. Cheryl turned golden brown and Rob sort of mahogany.
It has been glorious weather, if a little warm. They slept in the newly set up guest loft under a net with a fan. Of course, the beach and the Caribbean were enjoyed virtually every day. A couple of times they went for a second, late afternoon cooling dip. Rob and Susan are of the water baby species and would go out for long swims. Cheryl discovered she could float in the salty sea.
We showed them around town and to a couple of our favorite eateries. Of course, tortillas, aracherra and papayas were in regular rotation at our table as well as daily doses of avocado.
They also rented a car for a week, and headed out several places on their own, including a overnight trip to visit three of the main Mayan ruins and a night in the small Mexican city of Valladolid.
The third photo represents a cultural leap. Rob and Cheryl brought back this sea fan from the beach one morning. It was a beauty, and sort of looked like the maple leaf. Since we will be absent during the 2010 Olympics, I am sending this out as a “Go Canada!”

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