Feb 23, 2010

Young Glory!!!

Susan is a big figure skating fan. For years she has followed all the main competitions going at least as far back as Toller Cranston. (you know we saw his house in San Miguel de Allende, where he lives now and does his art?) The Kurt Browning years were transcendent, and we lived and died with Sale & Peltier, and their drama at the Salt Lake Olympics.
So last night we stayed up ‘til near midnight to catch the Free Dance finals where our couple, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir had a chance ( they were 2nd after the compulsory dance, and had a narrow lead after the original )
How wonderful! It was magic! It was perfection! The young elfin couple, who had skated together since they were 7 and 9 years old twirled and glided like feathers on a breeze.
Their scores were a resounding first, and we were clapping and cheering as though we were there.
Some of you know that I was a pro photographer for our years in Vancouver, where I covered many events. Just capturing a few images off our tv screen, brought me right back to the feeling that I was there.
Yes, our hockey teams have a chance, and both our men’s and ladies’ curling teams are leading the round robins, but Susan says we can relax now. It may not get any better than this.

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Living said...

You'd be surprised at Vancouver, totally caught up in the Olympic spirit. We've spent two days walking around downtown and again in Richmond. If you think watching a Canadian couple win gold was a thrill from Mexico you've no idea how it feels to be in the middle of thousands of red-clad, flag-waving hysterical Canadians. I don't recognize us!

Yeah, we still have a chance for hockey gold but Susan is right, it does not get any better than watching those kids on the ice or John Montgomery from Manitoba on Skeleton or Bilobdeau either. Great moments to be so proud of our kids and lets not forget Joannie Rochette tonight, in third place two days after her mother's death.