Mar 3, 2010

Deportes (Sports)

In case you were worried about us, life here is not all about working and watching TV or lying in the sun. Yesterday and today were lovely days for getting out there and working up a sweat.
This is especially meant for my blog readers from the cold north.

A typical sports menu here in Paamul:
7 a.m, horseshoes, where there are always a bunch of guys pichin’ the ‘shoes. Some day I might join in but not yet.
First thing in the morning, there are also groups doing yoga, arobics, and qi gong.

Two or three times a week, around 8:15 we go into town for tennis. There are two public sports parks “Unidad Deportiva”  in Playa with tennis courts. Usually we get on right away and play for a couple of hours until it gets too hot.

Susan is not a tennis player but joins the dozens of morning walkers, some even without dogs. She often checks out the water, to see the wave action and then returns for a snorkel trip out to the reef.

The most regular sport here in the afternoon is volleyball ,which happens every day at 3. We have two man- made courts, each with a modest coat of sand which eventually packs down until we dig it up and or add more sand. There are usually enough players to make up three, and sometimes four teams. It’s a good work-out and can be hard on my arthritic joints. With the help of a couple anti-inflamatories I try not to miss playing.
Then every other Tuesday morning, we v’ballers convoy about 15 minutes south to another beach, Xpu-Ha, where they have a nice wide beach of soft sand. We set up our portable net and ropes, and play, swim, play, eat, and play some more. Yesterday we had 8 matches, ending aroud 3 p.m. I really enjoy it, though I’m too short to spike. I can set pretty well, but am struggling with the bump. (volleyball talk).
So that leaves but a little time in the day for working, eating, reading and napping. Oh, yes and music.

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