Mar 25, 2010

Cabinets are in, knob-less.

To come back to the saga of our kitchen, the cabinets now have doors. After many discussions and trying several colours, we went with this glossy red. A bit bright, but if not here in Mexico, where? After many days of filling, sanding, and painting, they were ready for hinges. But not yet ready for handles or knobs. To this point we have tried out about a dozen different kinds.
Since we have gone this far, carefully being all hand-made, we think that some regular knob won’t quite do. We (Susan) will likely be creating them from Fimo resin. We’ve looked around but can’t find Fimo anywhere here. So there’s a project for the summer and the fall. Like maƱana, eh?

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NWexican said...

Okay so this is really old BUT I was just going through your blog (nice by the way) and following your palapa building, etc.. Your cabinets are beautiful, very nice job..