Mar 25, 2010

Its a mesa!

Another popular stop on the guided tour of our place is our dining table. When we shopped around last winter, we didn’t find anything we liked, and ended up using a plastic patio table. My intention was to build one (another “why not?” project).
One day this past summer as we wandered through a used furniture store up in Guelph, I found an old oak dining table, somewhat similar to the one we disposed of when we went home-free three years ago. I knew that they come apart for transport and convinced Susan we could do something with it. It was in rough shape, but the price was right. It also had a cheesy scroll pattern around the perimeter.

Heck, we can paint it, and the edge pattern, well, you can see that Susan had some fun with it. If you have seen some of the painted Mayan carvings, they look a bit like this pattern. Go figure.


mkpos said...

Hello Glen, I've been following your blog with interest and enjoyed your stories at Paamul. My name is Mike and I live in NY. I will be visiting Paamul in two weeks and plan on checking out palapas that may be for sale. Being a retired school administrator, I wanted to send along a kudos to you and your neighbors with the construction of the library. It's really terrific.

Glen and Susan - said...

We'll be here until the middle of the month. Stop by and say hello.