Apr 10, 2010

Paamul survey

Just ‘cause I’m curious about these things, I did an informal survey of our park. Paamul is unique and special (that’s what we all say) in that it is quite large for an rv park in Mexico. There are currently 185 full service spaces, plus room for another dozen tenters or overnighters. In addition, the park is adding about two dozen more new spaces at the north end on the bluff overlooking the water.
Out of the 185, I counted 51 open full service spaces for transient rental. Several of these are booked year after year by repeat visitors for the winter months only. That makes 134 spots that are occupied on a permanent basis by people who have built palapas (like us). In my survey I noticed “For Sale” signs on 28 palapas. Few of these are empty, as the owners continue to come down, but are eventually planning to move on. Of the open spots there are two new palapas starting construction, which will leave 49. 
In the new north end section, I understand several have already been reserved for palapas but there should be some additional open spaces for seasonal rental.
The photo here shows a section of North Jungle Street, where we and others build in the last 2 or 3 years.

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Anonymous said...

Here it is almost the first February 2012. If I may ask how many of the rental units with trailers furnished are for sale now would you guess?

I'd have emailed this question to you but I didn't see an address to email.

Hugh Morton
hmorton96 at earthlink.net