Apr 27, 2010

Sunday April 18th - On the road again.

Another popular subject of discussion in Mexico, is the choice of which roads to take. As in what ore the road conditions, the towns and topes you encounter on each route, the distances, and the tolls. Mexico has (generally) a fine toll road system. These are four-lane not-so-free-ways. Depending on where you enter and which routes you take, it can equal or surpass the cost of fuel. Most people think that is a fair price to pay for the better, quicker roads. The “libres” on the other hand, go through the towns and smaller cities, where there are bottlenecks of traffic as well as the dreaded topes (speed bumps). With heavy rvs it is necessary to cross these topes carefully. I thought we had hit the limit on the way down when through one small town we had to cross 24 topes. But this trip, through another small town, I counted over 40!
There are other advantages to travel the side roads. At these topes, there are often vendors of food and drink. One morning, I bought two bottles of fresh squeezed pineapple juice, a bottle of coconut milk, a torta de pollo (bbq chicken on a bun), and a bag of cookies. All with barely losing momentum.
These side roads are also much more scenic, and slow going.
In all, we traveled four longish days to get up to the US. We usually take more time, stopping on the way for a night or two, but traveling together kept us on a schedule.

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