Apr 27, 2010

Thursday, Apr. 15 - Living large, living small

We are finally packing up our winter home and going to head north. As we have grown into our palapa, it is turning out to quite an ordeal or sorting and repacking for the trailer life.
The palapa, including the loft, is about 1200 sq. feet. As it has a full kitchen, fridge, stove and all the new cupboards, as well as a baƱo (bathroom), and a bodega, (storage room) with a washer and dryer, we have gotten quite used to all the space. I am also going to miss the comfy outdoor living room couch and chairs, where I sit every morning to read my e-mails, and on-line newspapers. This is also a great place to read or just sit and look out on the back garden, jungle, birds and critters.
Now our daily life has to be condensed into about 280 sq feet. So I have pulled out all our storage crates and re-selected that which we absolutely need. The same editing for the trailer closets and cupboards. This is a real example of the axiom “your stuff always expands to fill the available space”, except now in reverse, as we need to contract. Not so easy.
After our unusually cool winter, we have been enjoying warmer spring weather. So much so, we have not been in any hurry to leave. Susan has said a few times that she would like to see what it is like to spend the summer here as well!

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